Las Cruces Kids develop videos to promote healthy habits

September 5, 2014

Through the use of videos, 300 students in eight media technology classes at several middle and high schools in Las Cruces Public Schools, participated in a project that challenged them to develop health messages that would improve nutrition and activity habits on their school campus.

Supported by the Paso del Norte Health Foundation’s Healthy Eating Active Living - HEAL initiative, Las Cruces Public Schools worked with teachers and students to find creative ways through video to influence administrative staff, students, and parents on nutrition and physical activity policy and practice, and healthy behavior.

Over 20 videos were submitted and judged based on their influence to examine nutrition and physical activity in their schools and come up with solutions to get others on campus to be healthy and active.

Top videos were shown at a film festival with parent, students and administrators present, including the district superintendent. Two abridged videos were shown at a school board meeting where students asked for more sports in middle school and more emphasis on health throughout the campus.

View videos here.

For more information, contact Barbara Berger, Health and Nutrition Specialist at (575) 527-5943 or

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